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I love and appreciate my Great Family!

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"True happiness is not looking back with regret, but looking forward to the future and creating your own exciting, magnificent destiny and masterpiece, YOUR LIFE!" Discover your full potential ! ! !
Serve, love, forgive and pay it forward to make a difference!
Successful relationships give love, appreciation, and recognition!
- by Melody Jensen


Appreciation Dedication to my Step-Father and my Father is very easy for me to write because they along with my great Mother shaped my life with their roles of teaching me so many things. I'm am so thankful that is and appreciative of all the acts of kindness. a winning attitude, respect, love, recognition, and integrity with a strong patriotic work ethic to always serve my fellow man and go the extra mile. Think of others first and a man is only as good as his word and to always go the extra mile and be appreciative. I was taught to love people and follow the Beatitudes and always work on the mission that I was sent here to make a difference and create a happier world thru developing my talents! They would both say I could do anything I set my mind to and to never give up and Go Getum Tiger! They taught me to realize the power of the word and what you say is what you get and you are hung by the tongue. They never used profanity or yelled at me. They were examples of great men in business and they had a great work ethic and loved me unconditionally! They were m.y greatest positive supporters and campaign managers building me up with confidence to be able to fill my mission in this life. I'm so thankful for their brilliant minds that created my life to be so exciting and to know if I think I can? I can!!! To avoid Criticism, Do Nothing, Say Nothing, and Be Nothing! They both built my confidence with compliments every day and we're great teachers of perseverance, thoughtfulness, and encouraging me to be generous and loving! Never give up and Stay Active and Be a humanitarian first by being your brother's keeper. I had so many great activities with them in life that were fun and educational filled with the fine arts, regular church activities talent shows ski trips vacations, and hard work. Learned to be an Entrepreneur and humanitarian from them both at an early age and learned to love life, my family and to go take care of my body, mind, and spirit with good nutrition. Sunshine and outdoor sports chess ping pong and piano dance etc. They told me time and time again to Wake up without an Alarm Clock and create a high frequency to attract the right people you have to be the right person! Now that all of my parents have passed a year ago,, I want to thank them publically and eternally for all they did for me in creating heaven under my own roof through their wonderful example of how to truly be happy! Serve Others and Make it Better and Happier because you came to this earth to learn and experience hardship, failure. Success Happiness and Joy, but never give up and Love Life and your fellowman! God bless them both as they are both with my beloved Mother as they continue to be on their heavenly mission now. Melodys Happy world is dedicated this evening to my three parents that have passed but I still am blessed with a great Step Mom who is now teaching me that Life is challenging but you always try to love your children and forgive them even if they have to learn the hard way. My Step Mom is comforting always reminding me how great my Father was. She looks forward to seeing him again. Family is the greatest blessing we have. Don't forget to appreciate them now and you will increase your happiness through the Universal Law of Cause and Effect! You are the sum total of your thoughts actions and attitudes! The power of Winning is yours today! Create heaven under your own roof today with the power of your words actions and positive frequency! Be thankful and kind and you will be happier! Enthusiastically and thankfully Melody Jensen. Founder of Melodys Happy World! Love and Appreciate you